Yogic Remedy for Insomnia

Yogic Remedy for Insomnia Good sleep is an important phenomenon that not only regulates mental and emotional wellness but also helps repair cell wear and tear, and the general growth and development of the body. Just like good food gives you energy so does sound sleep Insomnia is a condition where it’s difficult to fall [...]

200 Hours Teachers Training Course

Call or WhatsApp +91 7620241322 / +91 8600060322 to get more information The Yog Circel, Hatha Yoga TTC 200 hrs

In Person classes at Baner-Pashan Link road

The Yog Circle Studio Vaidehi Saket, 2 nd floor Deepa Hsg society Lane after Star Market, Pune, Maharashtra

In-Person classes at our studio on Baner-Pashan Link road   We are excited to announce our new studio in Pune!! Mid August we will open our studio on Baner-Pashan Link Road in Pune. To attend  a trial class or to get more information, please WhatsApp +91 7620241322

Preparation of “Certification of YOGA WELLNESS INSTRUCTOR” Level 2 Exam by AYUSH Ministry

Preparation of “Certification of YOGA WELLNESS INSTRUCTOR” Level 2 Exam by AYUSH Ministry Contents: Philosophy -Revision of {Etymology of Yoga and Yogic Practices Foundation models (yogic anatomy) from vedic scriptures Yogic paths according to Bhagvad Gita Systematic approach towards Mind management: Yog Darshan Science of purification: Hatha yog pradipika and Gherand Samhita Yogic concepts of [...]

Yogic Management of Varicose Veins

  Do you get recurrent pain in your calf, heels, or whole leg making it difficult to stand or walk? Veins carry venous blood . When these veins lose their elasticity they become dilated, elongated, tortured, and obstruct the smooth flow of the blood which results in bluish-blackish markings on the affected area. Join this [...]

Vedic Chant for Health and Healing

  Vedic Chants for Health and Healing Vedas are called śruti - that which was heard. They are believed to be the divine voice heard by ṛṣi-s when they are in a deep state of meditation. These have been handed over through the ages, from generation to generation, from teacher to student. The mind has [...]

Emotional Awareness – Key to Stress Management

Emotional Awareness - Key to Stress Management If you are a Working Professional, a Young Adult, or a Homemaker this workshop is for you!! Learn the coping mechanism through self-awareness, strategies & techniques!! Workshop conducted by Sujata Nerurkar, Founder of “The Yog Circle”, 850 hours of yoga training, a Trained counselor, and over 20 years [...]

Yogic Remedy for Sciatica Pain

Yogic Remedy For Sciatica Pain Learn asanas and Pilates practices for the relief of Sciatica Pain Dates: 29th June - 3rd July (4 sessions) Time: 9:00am - 10:00am Location: Zoom To Register click here