who are we?

The Yog Circle is a platform where all Yog enthusiasts, irrespective of their age, gender, experience, can come together to learn more. Teachers learn from their students and students gain from the experience of the teachers.

The Yog Circle is your one-stop destination for holistic wellness. Through the initiatives of The Yog Circle, viz: Yog Arogya, Yog Upachaar, Yog Shala, and Yog Mandala, our team of experienced, passionate, and certified teachers provide complete Health solutions to individuals and Corporates.

Founder's Vision

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Yog arogya

Yog Arogya is an initiative of The Yog Circle which focuses on the holistic well being through Group Classes, one-on-one individual classes and self practice with videos!

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Yog upachaar

Upachaar means remedy. Yog Upachaar is an initiative of The Yog Circle. There is no “One size fits all” solution in yoga, when each of us are unique in our own ways. The focus of Yog Upachaar will be, curated classes specifically designed for the problem at hand!

Yog Shala

Our modular Teachers Training Course will give you the answers you are looking for. Do a module at a time that culminates to a Yoga Instructor certificate or just choose a module that piques your interest to gain knowledge.

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Yog mandala

All of us come across obstacles, doubts in our own practice or while teaching. On this platform, we learn from each other’s expertise. This is the space, where we all can unite and grow as a community, share our knowledge, and learn from each other.

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Progressive Pranayam

Progressive Pranayam   Progressive pranayam & meditation sessions : (Only for those who do not have any ailments or health conditions) We all know Pranayama is the regulation of the

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