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Vedic Chant for Health and Healing

March 21 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm


Vedic Chants for Health and Healing

Vedas are called śruti – that which was heard. They are believed to be the divine voice heard
by ṛṣi-s when they are in a deep state of meditation. These have been handed over
through the ages, from generation to generation, from teacher to student. The mind has a
deep organic connection to sound. Chanting in the traditional manner, called adhyayanam,
captures the mind and leads to “ekāgra” which is one-pointed Ekagara.

The vibrations of the chants also radiate within, and these inner vibraƟons deeply relax the
person. Through this deep relaxation, many therapeuticc benefits are also seen.

In this 1.5-hour program, participants will be introduced to Vedic ChanƟng, the benefits,
chanting and broad explanation of the chants.

āyur mantra – the chant for a long and healthy life wherein the essential aspects of health
and wellness within us are praised.
Sūryanamaskāra mantra – the chant to the Sun who is the giver of life and who
is representative of the prana that flows in our bodies.
candranamaskṛtya mantra – the chant to the moon who reflects the light of the Sun and in
whose cool light the healing herbs are grown. The moon is representative of our mind,
which when in balance gives us peace, contentment, and joy.
ārogya mantra – the chant for overall good health in every aspect of our being. The seven
sections of which we are composed and every aspect within them is praised and celebrated
in a prayer for the optimal functioning of every part.
Selected verses from viṣṇu sahasranāmam that pertain to healing.


For more information call +91 7620241322


March 21
8:00 am - 5:00 pm