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27th June, 2024 | Online & Offline | Pune

Welcome to The Yog Circle, where your journey to become a certified yoga instructor begins here. Our comprehensive 200-hour certification program is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to teach yoga with confidence and passion. Whether you choose our online or offline course, you’ll receive top-notch instruction from experienced professionals.

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Course Modules

Philosophy Module

The Philosophy module delves into the history and relevance of yog as a lifestyle, exploring foundational yogic anatomy from Vedic scriptures, the yogic paths in the Bhagavad Gita, mind management through Yog Darshan, purification science from Hatha Yog Pradipika, and yogic concepts of diet, health, and diseases.

Anatomy & Physiology Module

In the Anatomy & Physiology module, students gain insights into the musculoskeletal system to ensure safety and effectiveness in yog practice, study various body systems, and understand the physiology of pranayama, enhancing their knowledge of how yog affects and benefits the body.

Science of Pranayam Module

The Science of Pranayam module covers cleansing practices (Shuddhi Kiryas), pranayama techniques, and meditation, emphasizing the importance of mudras, mantras, and Japa Yoga. It also includes Yog Nidra, providing students with tools for deep relaxation and stress management through breath control and mindfulness.

Practicals & Teaching Skills Module

The Practicals & Teaching Skills module includes mastering Sun Salutations and over 55 yoga postures, developing essential teaching qualities, and learning to create effective sequences and session plans. Students also engage in practice teaching, receiving feedback to refine their instructional skills.


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Our Instructors

Sujata Nerurkar

Founder - The Yog Circle

Jaya Ramesh

Co-founder , The Yog Circle

Ashwini Hardikar

Co-founder , The Yog Circle

Sanjana Kotwal

Senior Yoga Instructor

Sujata Humnabadkar

Co-founder , The Yog Circle

Dr. Sanyogita Nimbalkar

Senior Yoga Instructor

Frequently Asked Questions

There are no prerequisites for joining the course. However, if you have any existing medical condition, please discuss with us

The course duration is from June 27th 2024 – Oct 4th 2024. Classes will happen Tuesdays and Thursdays 10:30am – 1:30pm with a 15 min break between theory and practical. 

Yes, upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certification that qualifies you to teach yoga

We follow a comprehensive assessment method that prepares the individual to be a confident teacher at the end of the course

  1. Project – Choose a project of your choice that you are passionate about to bring the relevance of yog in it
  2. Viva – On yoga philosophy to make yoga sutra more relevant to current life scenario
  3. Written Exam – Multiple choice questions that will test your knowledge on the 4 modules 
  4. Teaching Exam – Fellow participants become students and you will conduct a group class 
  5. Self Practice Exam – To ensure that you’ve understood the 55+ asanas that will be taught 
  • Our comprehensive course goes beyond the syllabus of the YCB examination. With our 200-hour curriculum, you are prepared to be a confident teacher at the end of the course with an in-depth knowledge of the different facets of the science of Yog.
  •  Our team will hand-hold through the process of not just the rote learning but what it takes to be a skilful teacher.
  • Our alumni have successfully cleared the Level 2 of the YCB examination post completing our course.

No, flexibility and advanced skills are not required. The course is designed to improve your practice and teach you how to guide others safely and effectively, regardless of your current level.

  • The cost for the 200-hour training is Rs.35000. If you register before June 17th, you get an early bird discount of Rs.2500
  • If you are a certified Yoga instructor and wish to do our course for more in-depth learning, you will get 30% discount
  • You have the option of choosing an individual module. Please contact us for individual module pricing.

Besides the 2 practical sessions, we will give you subscription to attend 1 Hatha class online through the duration of the course.

  • Our comprehensive course will prepare you to take the AYUSH YCB certification exam. For an extra cost we provide you with mock tests for the YCB exam.
  • If you are keen on the Yog Alliance certificate we can help you in obtaining it with our partner schools. The course fees do not include the AYUSH or Yog Alliance preparations or tie-ups.

Yoga is a lifelong journey of self-discovery and personal growth. Our 200-hour course is designed not just for certification, but to deepen your practice and understanding of yoga.

You have the flexibility to do an individual module or all 4 of them (Philosophy, Anatomy and Physiology, Science of Pranayam and Practical’s and Teaching Practices.

Plus if you are certified yoga teacher, you get a 30% discount.

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Earlybird Discount Ends Soon!