TYC Members
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Aarti Bhat
A Pilates expert and a Pschology major. Over 15 years in the field of Yoga
Adhishree Wadodkar
Yoga enthusiast
Anoushka RajeBhosale
Yoga enthusiast
Anuradha Gurnani
A yoga student for life and want to keep improving as a yoga practitioner and teacher
Arvind Swaminathan
Yoga enthusiast
Asha Hiremath
A yogi who loves to spread the Magic of what Yog can bring in ones life
Ashwini Hardikar
A fitness enthusiast. Over 35 years in the field of Yoga
Chitra Parthasarathy
A corporate professional looking to spread the joy of Yog to others
Deepa Hariprasad
A Kaivalyadham student and teacher since 2015
Deepa Nair
A fitness enthusiast. Over 15 years in the field of Yoga
Dipti Joshi Vidwansa
A techie at heart, Practicing yoga means connecting with myself.
Dr. Akshata Nabar-Rajhans
A practicing physician who believes in the Science of Yoga and recommends to her patients
Dr. Geetanjali Pradhan
Homeopath and believer in a holistic approach to patient care
Dr. Rupal Vispute
Homeopath and Yoga enthusiast
Dr. Sanyogita Nimbalkar
A Homeopath with a good blend of strength and flexibility. Over 15 years in the field of Yoga
Dr. Tanvi Paresh Kulkarni
Homoeopathic Consultant & Yoga practitioner by profession.
Eva jagtap
Strength training instructor who understands the benfefits of Yoga
Gauri Pradhan
Practioner for over 5 years, Conducts Pranayam and Yoga one on one sessions for people who need help
Harshita Mane
Passionate and Energetic Yoga instructor
Jaya Ramesh
A techie turned yogi trying to bridge Yoga and technology. Over 13 years in the field of Yoga
Kashmira Kole
A yoga pactiioner and teacher since 2018
Kushboo Thakkar
Student of Yog for life
Madhura Damle
Yoga enthusiast
Mahalakshmi Perumal
Student of Yog for Life
Maitreya Nalavade
Yoga Alliance certified instructor and fitness enthusiast
Manjiri Kelkar
Yoga enthusiast
Maricela Perez
A yog teacher and Practitioner from UK
Nandita Kelkar
A ashtanga yog practitioner
Nazema Umrethwala
Yoga enthusiast
Neeru Munshi
Yoga enthusiast and Teacher
Nita Agarwal
Yoga enthusiast
Ozal Nagose
Yoga enthusiast
Pallavi Potnis
Yoga enthusiast
Pratima S.Vaidya
Teaching yoga since 2013 and a Marathon runner. Works for women empowerment
Priti Joshi
Yoga enthusiast
Priya Joshi
Independent Yog Teacher
Priyanka Sharma
A Kathak dancer and a Yoga teacher skillfully managing both arts
Rachana Takalkar
Passionate about Yoga
Radha Kulkarni
A techie turned yogi. Along with Yoga Radha teaches Sanskrit as well
Renu Dogra
Yoga enthusiast
Renuka Mandhle
Yoga enthusiast
Rohita Durgadmath
Yoga enthusiast and teacher
Sandhya Purohit
Enjoys practicing and learning about Yog
Sanjana Kotwal
A yog practitioner who firmly believes that Pranayam practices are to be felt
Sharvari U
Independent Yog Teacher
Sheetal Dutta
Want to learn the subtle aspect and serious part of Yog....always looking for maturity in practice..
Shubham Tomar
Yoga enthusiast and teacher for over 8 years
Smita Diliip Solanki
An engineer by profession, and long time Iyengar Yoga student
Smita Sagvekar
A Level 3 AYUSH Yoga Teacher and Evaluator. Over 7 years in the field of Yoga
Sonal Amin
A yog teacher and practitioner from UK
Sujata Humbabadkar
A teachers teacher. Over 15 years in the field of Yoga
Sujata Nerurkar
Founder of The Yog Circle. Over 30 years in the field of Yoga
Sumegha Kumbhar
A student of Yog forever and a passionate gardener
Susy Harrigan
Yoga enthusiast
Tejal Vanikar
Independent Yog Teacher
Tejashree Sonawane
Practicing yoga childhood, but now enjoy teaching as well
Ujjwala Mahatme
Yoga enthusiast
Vallari Bakhle
An artist and certified Yoga teacher
Vidula Isave
A IT professional and a sincere yog practicioner
Vijayalaxmi Premanand
Yoga enthusiast and Teacher