Sanjeev Naik

I was fortunate to get the opportunity to enroll and attend the Yoga Philosophy session conducted by Sujata Mam. While I have been attending and practicing the Asanas since last 4.5 years, this course provided an insight on what is beyond the Asana practices. It opens up a holistic perspective of how one can inculcate the values prescribed in the Yoga sutras in our daily life.

Sujata Nerurkar does full justice by interpreting the concepts of the Sutras in a fairly simple way. While each one has their individual way to relate to these realizations, there is adequate time to comprehend the deeper nuances by reading the course material. I found this course significantly useful as it brings a broader understanding of what Yoga entails, and how we can practise it in our daily lives and moments, beyond the Asanas and Pranayam practice classes. One of the highlights of this course was that other teachers attending it were able to bring further value by sharing relevant experiences, which would be encountered by the common person.
Since the timing of the course would make it tough for working professionals to attend during weekdays, and since I feel it will be very useful for all, probably a timetable suited to them would be worthwhile to attend this wonderful course

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