“I am a Software Professional and now proud to call myself as a regular Yoga practitioner. Few years back
I believed Good Health == Gym, Running, Cycling, Swimming, Trekking . However, my focus on
improving flexibility was lacking. This realization led me to pursue Yoga Classes.
I have been practicing Yoga (Traditional Yoga, Power Yoga – Vinyasa Flows, Pilates and Yin Yoga) under the
guidance of my respected teachers from Yoga Arogya, since the last 6 years, as of now. My journey, so
far, on this path was and still is incredible.
All asana and breathing practices I learnt from my Senior Teachers, helped me on improving my physical
and mental wellbeing. Every single session I attended was just “AWESOME”. I really appreciate the
enthusiasm of all teachers during the sessions. Each class is planned very thoughtfully and carefully,
considering diversity of members. In all our classes, the way physical Yoga practices are linked/weaved
together with Yog philosophy always provides a very mindful, spiritual and effective exercise experience.
A massive thank you to all my wonderful teachers, you have made a big difference in my life by
enlightening me and being a positive influence throughout my ongoing yoga journey. ” 

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