Pallavi Potnis – TTC Batch 2022

I joined the course just with the intent of knowing how to teach YogAsanas. Once I joined and started learning about different things like Philosophy and Anatomy, I became aware that asanas are just one limb of the Ashtang Yoga. Very little did I know about the other seven limbs. Yog beyond the mat is really an interesting thing which I got exposed to. Teachers here are very knowledgeable and they literally pour their heart into their teaching . Each one of them is excellent in one or the other field.

I loved the way they have designed their course. It gives you enough knowledge and gives you enough time to assimilate it . They teach not only how to teach but also how to design your sessions and the flow of asanas, pranayama etc. in it.

They test your skills very systematically. They also guide in the next steps after finishing the course. It is worth every penny you spend.

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